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Welcome to the Nan Tien Institute Portal

Welcome to the portal of Nan Tien Institute. This portal provides a wide variety of information to visitors, prospective and current students, and staff of Nan Tien Institute.

As a visitor or prospective student, you are able to view the recent activities of Nan Tien Institute and the campus calendar. The Nan Tien Institute welcomes everyone to this site and hopes you will keep an eye on our upcoming activities and events. As a current student of Nan Tien Institute you are able to Sign-in and access the following resources and systems:

  • My Account- Access and update your personal information for Nan Tien Institute
  • MyNanTien- Access to the Message Center of Nan Tien Institute and receive announcements
  • MyUniMail- Access to Mail system of Nan Tien Institute (hosted by Google and managed by Nan Tien Institute)
  • MyLearning- Access to E-Learning of Nan Tien Institute (single place for all learning and teaching resources)
  • MyLibrary- Access to the Integrated Library system of Nan Tien Institute and your personal library account
  • MyCalendar- Access to the Calendar of Nan Tien Institute and receive upcoming events
  • MyTools- Access to many useful tools provided by Nan Tien Institute, Eg: Mail, Dictionary, Translator, etc
  • NTIDocs- Access to all forms and documents used within Nan Tien Institute, e.g. Subject Enrolment Forms etc.
  • NTISoftware- Access to the software repository of Nan Tien Institute
  • E-Minerva- Access to the eMinerva system for Staff only

FAQ- Get help about how to use this portal